Plx Kiwi 4 Obd2 dataloggeri

Kiwi 4 is more than a versatile OBD scan tool. Includes all the features and app compatibility of the Kiwi 3 with the following game changing new features.

  • 8 times faster than closest competitor with "Kiwi OBD" App utilizing AcceleratedPolling™ available for Apple and Android
  • Integrated Micro SD card for data logging and import into any spreadsheet
  • Integrated speaker with 4 audible warning/alert smart triggers
  • Built-in competition grade accelerometer. Your smartphone no longer needs to be permanently affixed with your vehicle to obtain lat/long Gs
  • Modes: Smartphone - for real-time interface with apps. Self-run - for persistent data logging without the need to connect to any smart device
  • Power consumption - uses ultra low power (0.2 W active / 0.05 W sleep) allowing you to leave your device installed permanently in your vehicle.
  • Cross platform compatibility - Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.
  • Vehicle compatibility - compatible with all cars and consumer trucks built and sold in the United States after January 1, 1996

185,00 €
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